Executive Hiring Series, Episode 2: VP of Product

1 min readNov 3, 2022

We’re back and excited to share more of the Executive Hiring Series.

FUSE Operating Partner Satbir Khanuja leads the discussion in Episode 2 as we unpack key considerations in hiring an early product leader. The VP of Product is one of the most important hires a CEO/Founder will make. The role is multifaceted and as such, is one of the most difficult to frame and hire for.

Satbir has decades of experience as an operator, founder, board member and startup advisor. Prior to founding, leading, and selling two successful businesses DataSphere and LandWatch, Satbir worked on Amazon’s early leadership team where he ran the global marketing initiatives as well as the IMDb.com and In-Theater businesses. He has seen it all when it comes to building compelling products, strong teams and consequential businesses.

Check out the sneak preview below! Also, be sure to see the companion write-up as well.

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Next week we’re onto the VP of Finance! Stay tuned.




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